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All Glory goes to God for the things that He has done!

                     This is a testimony that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above                                                                ANYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR!

I have been, suffering with the spirit of poverty. I have been suffering with this Spirit of depression., loss of jobs. Because of the prayers that Apostle and Prophetess Thomas spoke over me the heavens broke. Prophetess Thomas sowed a seed into my life for breakthrough two weeks later I was moving to my destiny. The realtor came to Charlotte, North Carolina picked my son and I up. She moved us into a three-bedroom two-bath house. No moneydown, and have been blessed ever since! This is a new blessing to our life we still have things in boxes,  still things that we need, but God will supply it! I bless God for the people he has sent in my life to speak and sow blessings into my life I praise God for Apostle and Prophetess Thomas for their unwavering hand, steadfast prayers,  and mighty moves of faith in my life. May God bless them triple fold in every endeavor, and every move, in their life. May the spirit of the Lord and endow and fill their temples in Jesus name AMEN!

Prophetess Rosalyn